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About Us

Who are we?

AGRIANS is an agricultural based business that provides and offers quality services in the areas of Consultancy, Farm Management, Agricultural products & more. AGRIANS has consistently assisted its clients in harnessing and cultivating all available opportunities and resources in multiple sub-sectors of the agricultural field.

Our Mission

AGRIANS  has a competent team of professionals who assist the clients in their diversified business needs. Collectively AGRIANS has expertise and knowledge of agricultural operations ranging from crop management, orchard management, livestock, and agro-processing. AGRIANS team also possesses strong understanding in business development. This extremely diversified knowledge base not only helps us identify lucrative agribusiness opportunities for our clients but also enables us in developing well-researched feasibility studies and business plans that help our clients take well-informed decisions 

Our very strong connectivity with farmer community makes us an ideal partner for carrying out training and capacity building projects for developmental organizations. 


AGRIANS starting a new project “Bringing Local farmers to your table” in this project we will connect local farmers to the consumer.